Lake County Stallions

2024 Spring Girls Lacrosse


Information for the Spring Season

Welcome to the Spring 2024 Girls Lacrosse Registration! The Stallions welcomes all levels of play from beginner to elite players.

We have a passion to for lacrosse and want our girls to have fun while moving up in the lacrosse world. The Stallions is a youth lacrosse recreation team with a goal of teaching new players the game, while supporting experienced players to further develop their lacrosse skills.

Practices will be 2 evening per week starting March 15th. Games are expected to be held on Saturdays. 


Practices: Behm Park
                       22222 Behm Park Lane

 Games:  Northern Chicago suburbs 

*Schedule and locations will be available in late March.  


14U - 7th/8th Grade (Gold & Silver Divisions)
12U - 5th/6th Grade (Gold & Silver Divisions)
10U - 3rd/4th Grade (Gold & Silver Divisions)
8U - K/1st/2nd Grade (Open Division)


8U: $300
10U, 12U and 14U: $350

Girls will need to provide their own equipment, as follows:

  • Stick- Girls Stick required 
    • Sticks can be found at Dicks or on Facebook Marketplace. Be sure to check/verify it's not a boy's stick, which cannot be used in the girls' game. If you can, try and get a used advanced stick. The quicker they learn with the right stick the better they will be in the future! (Beginner sticks from the box stores are good for 8u/10u girls) 
  • Goggles- required to play in games and during practice
    • Eye protection from ball hits to the eye/cheek area.  Goggles can also be found at Dicks or used.
  • Mouth Guard- required for games and practice 
    • Buy a few. Girls will lose them. Always nice to have some on standby!
  • Cleats- not required but good to have, especially for practice/games on wet grass or games on turf.
    • Cleats do not need to be lacrosse 'specific'.  Soccer or softball cleats work well, but the best will have good ankle support ("hi-tops").
  • Helmets- not required
    • You may see some girls wear helmets to protect from ball or accidental stick hits. At this time its up the families if they want to invest in them. 
  • Cradle Baby or Swax Lax- not required


Please direct questions to:

Chris Shifley

Director of Lacrosse